Coordinator Services

Georgia CTSA Clinical Research Centers (GCRCs) Coordinator Pool

The GCRC Coordinator pool offers a wide range of research coordination and management services for Investigators. The pool includes highly experienced, already credentialed staff who can provide a consistent level of service through study lifecycles. This is ideal for investigators seeking assistance with management of multi-site trials or day-to-day oversight of research program.

Coordinator Services
  • Team with experience coordinating industry, drug/device, registry, federally funded and investigator-initiated studies
  • Managing “beginning to end study life cycle” such as study start up, site-initiated visits (SIVs), interim monitoring visits (IMVs) and study close out
  • Regulatory services including IRB/WIRB submissions and continuing reviews
  • Recruitment/Enrollment of study subjects
  • Conducting study visits
  • Chart reviews- Data Extraction
  • Data Management (REDCap or Industry-study specific)
  • Phlebotomy
  • Packing and shipping Division 6.2 infectious substances and dry ice
  • Direct ordering study labs through PathNet
  • Coordinator Pool provides back-up coverage for your projects
  • Emory Healthcare and Grady hospital credentialed/badged

What can we do for you?

For Investigators:

  • Pay-as-you-go through a set fee schedule
  • Highly trained, already credentialed staff who are ready to go
  • Consistent level of service through the study lifecycle
  • Backup from a team, rather than a single coordinator
  • Offload personnel management
  • Support for Junior Investigators

For Coordinators:

  • Secure, consistent funding support
  • Backup from a team
  • Development and mentorship from peers
  • Gain experience in multiple types of clinical research with multiple PIs
  • Phlebotomy, skill competencies training managed by the GCRC
  • Consistent management and coaching


Currently we provide coordinator services at EUH, EUHM, The Emory Clinic (TEC) and Grady Hospital. Our GCRC coordinators are credentialed at all these locations.


Jane B. Clark, MPA